Used car dealers are still the most complained about group


New figures from the OFT (Office of Fair Trading) consumer group Consumer Direct show that there have been more complaints issued against used car dealers over the course of 2011 than any other trader.  Over 56,000 people complained from January to the close of September of this year which is much higher than the 48,000 complaints heard about construction and home improvement services, and 35,000 complaints against the telecommunication providers.

Out of the complaints that were made out the used car dealers about 70% were about problems with the vehicles, 13% were about omissions or claims that the seller made that were misleading, and a remaining seven percent were complaints about per service by the car dealers.  In a study conducted last year the average consumer ends up losing £425 when they purchase a used car due to the fact that they find themselves forced to fix problems with their vehicles that dealers should have taken care of.

Consumer Direct agent Michele Shambrook stated that the group continues to get a large amount of complaints from people all over the UK most of which are due to the fact that traders will not compensate buyers for their mistakes or obligations that were left unfilled.  She added that any dealers that do not offer their customers a fair deal or continue to sell cars that are subpar should know that they will face action down the road.  In order to help people when purchasing a used car the OFT has created a short film to educate them on what to ask and what their rights are.

The internet offers some hope in this respect, in that customers are much better informed and have done their homework before visiting their dealer.  Sites such as We Buy Any Car are useful to get a free valuation before you attempt to market your car with a dealer.