Bad weather warning for drivers


Across theUKdrives are being urged to be careful on the roads as particularly bad weather conditions combined with budgetary cuts for road maintenance are expected to cause havoc. Drivers are being urged to buy winter tyres and brush up on their knowledge about how to drive in snow and ice. Last year there were many accidents because people were unaware of how to drive properly in poor weather conditions.

80% of councils have recently reported that their budget for road maintenance has declined. This has led many people to raise concerns about road conditions, especially in the long-term, as many councils have said that they are only able to pay for short-term fixes.

Jakes de Kock, has commented, “Dangerous conditions on the road can often arise unexpectedly when poor weather conditions move in quickly. On average nine people a year die on theUKroads because of poor conditions. Snow and ice are not the only forms of severe weather and people should also be wary of strong winds, fog and floods.

“It is important that motorists take extra care and make preparations for poor weather conditions, and also be ready in case they have an accident. They should make sure that their vehicles are well maintained as breakdowns are more common in cold weather.”

There are several things that a driver can do to make sure that they are driving safe in winter conditions. One of the most important steps to take is to simply drive slower; if you hit a patch of ice at high speed your stopping time will be much greater than if you are travelling fast. If you do hit a patch of ice, do not panic and avoid breaking too hard as this can cause you to skid out of control.