Wrong man has car crushed and loses his job


dvlaDerek Lyon was in court yesterday fighting the loss of his job under unusual circumstances, by blaming the DVLA, police, and the Aberdeen sheriff clerk’s office.

Lyon contends that due to the fact his identity was mistaken, and his car was crushed, he was unable to get to work.

The problems begin a few months ago in Dundee when officers at a routine police checkpoint told him that he was not allowed to be driving due to a drink-driving offence in Aberdeen.

Lyons insisted he had never been to court in Aberdeen, but his claims were met with disinterest, and his car was seized, and then crushed after he was unable to pay the garaging fees.

However, at the Dundee Sheriff’s Court yesterday the Crown accepted that he was not guilty of drink driving, or driving without insurance under ban, because he was confused with another driver from Aberdeen that had the same name.

Lyons plans to sue now because after four hours in a holding cell his £1500 Honda Civic was crushed when he could not make the payment to the garage. He stated that he had been working on a farm, but was forced to move back to his home city after he lost his transportation causing him to lose his job.

The Tayside Police did not comment on the case of the unusual circumstances, stating only that the Police Department. does not comment on any matters that may be the subject of a court hearing.