Where are the worst car theft areas?


grandA new study that compiled the list of motor insurance claims across the UK points to Chiselhurst and Cleveland as the most popular areas for car theft.

These two postcodes had the largest amount of theft claims filed over the past year. Larger cities were not immune from the problem, with Sheffield, Bradford, and Manchester also appearing in the top twenty cities on the list.

Also ranked on the list three times as notorious hot spots are the postcodes of Ilford and Romford which are separated by six miles.

The head of motor insurance at moneysupermarket.com Steve Sweeney stated that he is not surprised that the larger cities made the list, but pointed out that the study results show that a wide range of areas and postcodes are on the list.

Sweeney continued to say this shows that no matter where a motorist lives, there is still a significant risk that they could be the victim of car theft, and thus all motorists need to take the problem seriously and lock up their cars when leaving.

Additionally, Sweeney said that the best way to avoid getting victimized by thieves is to lock up the car doors, and make sure that vehicles are parked in safe areas that are well lit.