Vauxhall Adam – Vauxhall’s eco-car offering


Vauxhall has thrown it’s fairly brilliant hat, into the eco car ring with the announcement of the Vauxhall Adam. A direct competitor to other premium sub-compact vehicles like the Fiat 500 and Mini, the Adam comes in a fair whack under the price of the Mini, and a shade above the Fiat. Coming in, from what we can understand, at £11,000, it brings with it a host of nifty little features that aren1’t optional, extra or any of that guff. Just straight up standard and wicked. Stop/Start, ESP, Airbags for all and Hill Start Assist, this little fella is packed with big boy goodies.

And that’s not even the best about this car. A choice of three different, but efficient ecoFLEX engines ranging between 1.2 to 1.4 liters, mated to a manual five speed gearbox promises a whole lot of zing for your dosh. Each engine delivering upwards of 70 PS (the top of the line Adam delivers 100 PS) means the Adam isn’t just a tree lover, but also has the zip to navigate through the streets of the UK.

And the Adam isn’t just about clean lines; it’s about a clean environment too, with expectations that the car is likely to register numbers as low as 100 gCO2/km to help you fight the good fight for mother nature. Carbon emission level ratings haven’t been disclosed yet, but you can be sure they will be satisfyingly, nature preserving, low. Which means, at least we think so, no London congestion Charges, and Free, You read that right, free VED road tax. Mother nature 1, You? A few Hundred Quid! Sweet.

Another thing we are looking forward to learning is the fuel efficiency of the gorgeous little Vauxhall. Estimates say the top of line, most efficient engine will be capable of delivering as astounding 60 miles per gallon making it, easily, one of the most economical, and as a result eco friendly vehicles on the market, subcompact or not.

Written By Car Warranty