UK leads the way in vehicle safety recalls


Ebbon-Dacs’ managing director, Robert Pilkington of the division Leaselink International, told members in Tunisia at the AROSO, or Arab Road Safety Organisation that, following countries have much to do to advance, since the UK shows the way to automobile safety recalls.

Pilkington, representing vehicle safety recalls, informed members from the Arab League of Nations including speakers from Tunisia, Libya, United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Saudi Arabia that the UK was in the lead, in terms of processes and legislation.

Developed for the BVRLA by Ebbon-Dacs in the UK, Pilkington also referred to the ReCare systems progress, which included daily rental, leasing, fleet management companies, and is now completely charge free and available to all its members.

He stated that, “Several countries have some way to advance, but they don’t have the strict policies on the processes or safety recalls like in the UK to have vehicles rectified, even before the sudden developments such as ReCare in the UK. Covering the 2010-2020 period, the hearing was set as part of the “Road Safety Decade” and its intentions were a global level of safer driving and to advocate the road safety issue.

Pilkington informed delegates for 12 months about the ReCare system that was developed by Ebbon-Dacs’, and the fact that rapid numbers of manufacturers and fleet operators were signing up for the extreme aid in road safety. In the near future many more are expected to sign up, resulting from negotiations currently going on with the fleet industries numerous amount of both parties of the supply and demand side.

Pilkington said “For the UK sector of fleet management, the ReCare system we believe holds the potential to deliver road safety benefits and huge duty of care, in the UK’s area of road safety we have made great progress.