Safety group hopes for even less Lincolnshire road deaths in 2013


Despite five people being killed in road accidents during the Christmas period, the total of Lincolnshire road deaths were considerably reduced in 2012. Official figures revealed by the safety group showed that deaths had fallen by as much as 18% when compared with the previous year.

In 2011, 46 fatalities were recorded while there were only 39 in 2012. The partnership hopes that this becomes a trend and that not only deaths but also the number of accidents will be consistently reduced in the years to come. John Siddle, Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership representative said that reductions in road fatalities are often the result of drivers and pedestrians becoming more aware of road safety and traffic rules and the improved safety features in cars.

He also considered the things the partnership is doing, like promoting awareness on hazards of driving under the influence of alcohol or providing driver training, helped. He, however, stressed that they were not alone in making sure the roads are safe and other groups also deserved credit.

He outlined the main focus of the partnership for 2013; there will be more promoting done on the importance of the use of protective helmets among motor bikers.

While the official data is still not available, he also said that there has been a significant increase in accidents involving pedal cycles. He attributed this to the Olympics that was held in London during the latter part of 2012 and the nagging recession which prompted more people to use their bikes more often.

During the Olympics, two young girls from Spalding were killed in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, and three more people died on the roads too. Just 23, rock musician Dean Hocking, of Sleaford, and 37 year old Wayne East, of Waddington, were in an accident and were killed on December 27 at A15, Leasingham. A collision on Christmas day in Metheringham involving two cars took the life of Christopher Jones, 23, from Grantham.