The number of accidents on UK roads has lowered in recent years


As UK driving regulations have become stricter, the number of collisions and accidents has significantly lowered over the past few years. However, the price of car insurance has continued to increase due to the rise in cost of healthcare and vehicle repair services that are required when motoring accidents happen.

The good news for car owners is that there are several online insurance providers that offer quotes based on driving records, so if you haven’t experienced any accidents then your insurance can still be relatively low.

A high number of motoring accidents occur while navigating city streets, one lane roads and when driving at low speeds. Following are some tips that will help to keep you safe when driving in major towns and cities in the UK.

80% of crashes and 65% of near-crashes are caused by distractedness while driving. Performing activities such as eating, drinking, searching for items, smoking, using a phone or focusing on your passengers while driving all lead to distracted driving.

As a result, drivers who engage in any of the above activities are less likely to focus on, and immediately respond to, changes in the surrounding environment. Try to avoid performing any unnecessary activities while behind the wheel and focus on vehicles in close proximity to your own.

Try to avoid rush-hour traffic, e.g. mid-afternoon through to early evening, when people are trying to get home from work. There will be more aggressive drivers on the road and lots of congestion. It’s safer to drive during off-peak hours such as early afternoon.

Figure out where you need to go before you leave, or follow a SatNav system. Only look at maps and print outs of directions when the car is stationary, eg. in a queue. Alternatively, pull over to the side of the road and take your time to study travel information.