AA reveals the real cost of a first speeding offence


The AA has done some new research which reveals that the first speeding offence a driver commits can cost them four times the standard £60 fine as their car insurance premium will rise for the next 3 years. Anybody who is caught using a phone or hand held device to call, email or text while driving can also expect to receive severe treatment from their insurer, and could even see their cover cancelled, so say the AA.

In past years, many insurers often ignored a first speeding offence, but only a few now do so. The AA says this is due to insurance companies becoming smarter at identifying risks and charging their premiums accordingly. These premium increases will remain but slowly reduce over 3 years, meaning that taking into account the cost of the premium increase and the fine, offenders could end up paying over £200 for a single speeding offence.

Simon Douglas is the director of AA Insurance, and he says that those who flout the laws are more likely to make claims, and their premiums reflect these risks, as it wasn’t right to expect those motorists who stay within the law should have to subsidise those who don’t. He added that those with a single speeding conviction are 10-12% more likely to make a claim than those with a clean licence.

Those who pick up a second offence are 18% more likely to claim than the drivers with just one, and drivers who are caught driving through a red traffic signal are 20-25% more likely to make a claim against their insurance.