The most stolen car is still the BMW X5

The most stolen car is still the BMW X5
The most stolen car is still the BMW X5

According to the leading SVR (stolen vehicle recovery) experts, TRACKER, the car that was most often stolen and then recovered during 2012 is still the BMW X5. This model also topped the list TRACKER released for 2011, meaning it is still a red hot favourite for car thieves.

Luckily, those savvy owners who have invested in a TRACKER unit greatly see the chances of their beloved motor being recovered if it is targeted by thieves. During 2012, TRACKER was able to recover stolen vehicles worth over £12.5m and return them to their grateful owners.

TRACKER’s 2012 figures show that the Land Rover Vogue and Sport are the second most stolen and recovered vehicles. This is a shift from 2011, when Land Rover was in seventh position on the most stolen chart. The BMW M3 has also moved up from sixth in 2011, to third place in 2012, showing how thieves’ tastes change too.

Back in 2011, BMWs occupied the top three spots, with the 1 Series and 3 Series taking second and third places, respectively. Today, the BMW 3 Series is in equal fourth with the Audi RS4, whilst the 1 Series has slipped out of the top 10 completely. Mercedes was a key target for thieves in 2012, with the SLK and ML in fifth and sixth place, followed by the CLS and E Class in joint seventh.

“It’s clear from our latest figures that thieves continue to target prestige models with the most expensive car recovered being worth £70,000,” says Stuart Chapman, Police Liaison Officer for TRACKER. “The average value of the cars we recovered in 2012 was just £25,500 and a number were below £5,000, confirming that you don’t have to own a luxury car to be at risk from thieves looking to make a fast profit.