The most accident-prone cars on the road


Some people will see statistics as damning while others might believe that each road accident has its own story. Regardless of the statistics, there are cars on our roads that are more prone to accidents than others. Is yours one of them?

As a country, our road safety is actually quite good. The US tops the chart in terms of accident-prone countries and the top 10 is comprised of places like Australia, Canada, Ireland and Italy but the UK is seemingly better protected. Unsurprisingly, London is the most accident-prone area but what is the specific car top five?

  1. Toyota Yaris – A small car, it tends to be used on a daily basis by a sole owner. It’s not surprising therefore that it has more or less the highest claim frequency. With 28.5 claims for every 1,000 insured years it holds the unhappy stat of receiving almost twice the average for Personal Injury Protection claims.
  2. Honda FR-V – This six-seater is a great family car, but found that almost one in five owners have made an accident over the last five years – a worrying 18.4 per cent of people.
  3. Kia Rio – A cheap model that is one of the least expensive cars to insure, a possible recipe for disaster in itself. It holds an unenviable report of leaving a driver more at risk to both internal organ injuries and pelvis or rib fractures in a crash.
  4. Hyundai Accent – There are a wide variety of models that make up every list surrounding cars. This subcompact also makes the health and safety list thanks to the low safety ratings it has received across the board – particularly when it comes to side-impact crashes.
  5. Volvo XC90 – From a survey of 3,886 drivers, found that some 15.9% had claimed for accidents. That’s 619 drivers, a hefty proportion to consider when reviewing the most accident-prone cars on the road.

It is important to remember that the super cars and mean machines of Jaguar, Lexus and Porsche rather unsurprisingly have a high number across the board – noted in this research.

Alternative points to consider are that more than 10% of motorists have been involved in an accident within the last five years. Brighter colours tend to yield a lower accident rate while less powerful car marques like Citroen, Rover, Daewoo and Fiat are you safety mobiles.

Author Bio: Rhian is a freelance travel and legal writer and would suggest contacting a reputable firm such as Irwin Mitchell if you require legal advice for anything from head injury claims to work accident claims, or advice about car accidents.