Stricter drink driving rules come into force in Scotland


Drivers that cross the England border and enter Scotland after consuming a pint of beer or a simple glass of wine may find themselves in trouble as the Scottish ministers have approved a much stricter drink-drive limit. The new rule lowers the amount of legal alcohol in the blood from 80mg of alcohol down to 50mg of alcohol. This means that just one pint or wine glass could put someone over the limit, making it near impossible to drink and then consider driving if you want to stay out of trouble.

While this may seem extreme, neighbouring European countries France, Spain, and Germany also have the lower limit of 50mg. This may cause a problem for those from England and Wales who are comfortable with being able to drink a pint and a half of beer and still drive home. If they cross the border or holiday in Scotland they may find themselves in a world of trouble. Drink-drivers that are found in violation of the law face maximum penalties of six months in jail, a 12 month license suspension, and fines as high as £5,000.

The new drink-drive limits will come into effect by the end of the year. The Scottish Parliament also moved to limit the minimum price for all alcohol to 50p per unit. The new laws come as a result of a new movement to tackle the alcohol abuse problems that have plagued Scotland for years. The minimum price limits would make wine cost at least £4.69 and a four pack of lager £3.52 in an attempt to make it too expensive to abuse for some people.