Speed cameras on country roads reduce the number of accidents


Speed cameras on country roads have recently been shown to significantly reduce the number of accidents occurring on the roads. This has caused council bosses from around the UK to celebrate their installation. Warwickshire county council recently released figures that showed that the number of people who were seriously injured or killed has been reduced by around 75% at the sites where cameras were installed.

Warwickshire first saw speed cameras appear in 2001 and since that time the number of people dying or becoming injured on the roads has fallen by over 50%. Figures for the country as a whole also quite impressive, with an average reduction in accidents of 40%.

The same data also showed however that the speed at which drivers are travelling has not really changed. It is hard to create accurate statistics for this however because there was no average speed data before the cameras were installed.

In 2010, mobile and fixed speed cameras in Warwickshire trapped over 32,000 motorists and of these, 12,000 had to attend a speed awareness workshop which meant they could avoid prosecution. Richard Hobbs is the protection chief for Warwickshire county council and he has stated, “We are very pleased with these figures that show a significant reduction in the number of road deaths and serious injuries.

“Our council is dedicated to protecting the public and these cameras make the County of Warwickshire a safer place for all its residents. Speed cameras are certainly not popular devices but they have been shown to significantly reduce the number of injuries we see on the roads, and this is more important than considering how popular they are.”