Should I make a whiplash claim?


With all the talk of fraudulent road traffic accident claims and rising insurance premiums as a result, it is no wonder that many motorists hurt in an incident on the roads will not even think about putting in a claim for compensation.

But those who have genuinely been injured in an accident that was not their fault should not be afraid of making a whiplash claim.

Head, neck and shoulder injuries are common in car crashes, and even in low-speed collisions the effects can be very painful and impact everyday life.

Whiplash is a general term for these sorts of injuries and covers all sorts of symptoms. The damage arises when the head and neck are jolted around and sufferers can experience aches and pains for a long time after the accident, making it difficult to function as normal.

“No one should be afraid of making a whiplash claim if they have been injured in an accident that was not their fault,” explains Matthew Briggs, CEO of

“Everyone has a right to justice if another person has caused them harm, and motorists should not be put-off by talk of the blame culture or feel they are taking advantage of the system.

“Whiplash injuries can be very serious and you are right to seek compensation to help pay for treatment.”

As with all RTA claims, a successful whiplash case will depend on proving wrongdoing or negligence on the part of the other road user. This means that their behaviour behind the wheel must be shown to be illegal or irresponsible and have directly caused the accident.

The problem with fraudulent whiplash claims arises because such cases are usually one person’s word against another’s and it can be difficult to establish what happened, especially when fake witnesses are produced or no one saw the accident.

This means it is vital that if you were involved in a collision on the roads that you make notes on what happened, take photographs wherever possible and ensure you have the details of any witnesses. Reporting the accident to the police will also help to ensure the circumstances are thoroughly recorded.

Enlisting the help of a specialist personal injury solicitor will ensure you get the best possible advice based on your situation and that your claim is handled quickly and professionally. Only a qualified expert can make sure you get the best possible outcome and are awarded the whiplash compensation you deserve to help you get on with your life.