Severe delays on the M6 due to a lorry overturning

Lorry Delay on M6
Lorry Delay on M6

A lorry overturned last week on the M6 causing a lot of trouble in traffic, and seeing motorists with severe delays. This occurred near Haydock, and the vehicle was carrying a load of tinned baked beans, which ended up across the asphalt. Several lanes were closed between the J22 and J23 markers, since the HGV hit the central reservation just before 11 AM.

The lorry was traveling on the southbound carriageway and ended up on its side just before junction 23, blocking lanes in both directions. Emergency crews were called to the accident scene and they released the 58 year old driver from his cab. The man only suffered minor injuries and was administered first aid on the scene, before being brought to Warrington hospital.

Otherwise, two other cars sustained minor damage but there was no other injuries or serious damage reported on the scene. All of the lanes but one was closed initially, with drivers being asked to avoid the area. The lanes gradually reopened during the course of the day. The beans were then cleaned up and most lanes were reopened.

The HGV was brought away while the last lane stayed closed, and some temporary repair work was done on the central reservation. To fully solve the issue however, the Highways Agency says they may need to close lanes again in the future to fully repair the barriers in the middle, granting them permanent repairs, so that nothing from the accident remains to be seen.