Richmond Park parking fee squashed


The plan to bring parking charges to Richmond Park has been stopped by the Government. John Penrose, the Tourism and Heritage Minister, stated on Monday that the Government is going to look into alternative ways to bring money in from the park such as events like farmers’ market.

Campaigners are happy from the news that has fought the parking proposals since they came out 18 months ago. Edward Lister, the Wadsworth Council leader, stated that the decision not to charge for parking was a vindication of the stance that many people held across south West London and also a victory of common sense.

He expanded by stating that parking charges would have caused many people to stop visiting Richmond Park and due to the fact that there is not public transport into the park most people do not have another option but to drive.  At the same time, Lister stated that residential areas around such as Roehampton would have faced overspill parking from those who do not want to pay for parking.

Justine Greening, the Putney MP, met with Penrose last week in order to once again voice an opinion against the proposed £1 hour per parking charge proposal. Greening stated that it’s a huge victory for all the residents that were involved in the campaign.

Penrose responded that they will search for alternative funding sources that help preserve the environment and respect the view of the local residents so that everyone is happy.