Returning to driving and road safety awareness


With more than half of the United Kingdom’s 63 million population driving, it is no surprise that road safety is such a big issue. Whether you are a young driver, an old one or returning to the road, you need to be alert and fully focused. If you aren’t, or someone else isn’t, then a road accident compensation claim may well be in the offing.

It doesn’t matter whether you have been disqualified for a period, had an accident or have been travelling or living abroad, it is worth considering a few things. It’s only natural to feel a little more vulnerable and it might took a few days to get back to normal, but it is easy enough to brush up on the things that you need to know.

  • You never lose it – People use the riding a bike cliché a lot, and the same is sometimes said about driving. The first thing to remember is that you need to drive with confidence even though you will be a little rusty. The key with confidence is that it stops indecisiveness and hesitancy – two of the main reasons accidents occur in the first place. You shouldn’t be stressed when driving, many people find that it is a treat more than a chore – see if you can too.
  • Take a few driving lessons – If you are feeling like you need a refresher, you will be able to find these from driving instructors. Different people need different things to get back to how they were, and you could learn a number of tips. Get the good habits back in terms of night driving, speed awareness, parking and motorway driving and benefit from better driving in the future.
  • Insurance – You might have been out for a while but don’t forget the basics. There may be reasons why you have not been behind the wheel, and these could lead to large insurance premiums. Well, don’t worry, if you do the right research then you can find decent prices for your insurance.
  • Don’t go far – Early on be sure to stick to the places you definitely know. Drive around your estate, village or town. Get a friend or family member to pop along if it helps. Just take it slow and ease your way back to where you were.

Whatever the reason for your long break, when you want to resume driving it is important that you take it slow and steady. Don’t jump into it again but build up to where you once were. If there were untoward reasons as to why you’ve not been behind the wheel then don’t hesitate to use lawyers like Irwin Mitchell to chase up any claims you may be able to look for.

Guest Post by Rhian Farnworth