RED driving school discovers that UK drivers are reluctant to look under the bonnet


A recent survey that has been conducted by the driving school RED has shown that most drivers in the UK are reluctant to look under the bonnet of their car to perform maintenance checks that are generally recommended on a weekly basis.

Nearly 70 percent of people in the UK are not checking their engine oil, brake fluid, or engine coolant on a regular basis which can result in damage to the engine, and even risk the safety of those travelling in the car.

Around 40 percent of drivers said that they did not check their brake fluid on a weekly basis and it was found that men with the most irresponsible drivers when it came to this. The Highway Code states that brake fluid should be checked on a weekly basis at the very least and not doing so can leave the driver with the risk that they will have a brake failure while on the roads.

Furthermore over 20 percent of drivers do not check their levels of engine coolant on a regular basis either. Failure to do this can lead to the engine overheating which can cause damage to it and end up with the road user having to fork out a large amount of money for an engine repair.

A representative from the driving school has commented, “These checks are something that take a very short amount of time and by doing them weekly you will ensure that you are safe on the roads, and are less likely to be faced with an expensive repair bill later on down the line. These are safety measures that everyone should be taking.”