Public want school area 20mph speed limit


According to the latest survey by the motoring charity IAM, the majority of the 4000 people they polled believe that a 20mph speed limited should be imposed outside all schools, 67% back this move, and a further 38% think that it should also be introduced on roads where there are shops and parks. The charity says that their survey clearly shows that there is strong support for the brakes to be applied and speeds reduced in certain areas.

Only a quarter of those polled, however, think that a default speed limit of 20mph should be applied in all built up areas. Whereas 43% would like the road outside their homes to have this speed limit, 39% wouldn’t, so the opinion is split as far as this is concerned. Only 40% of people think that the 20mph speed limit would be best enforced using speed limit signs, which would leave the public to comply and leave the police to enforce the limit.

Measures that physic make drivers physically slow down are even less popular, with only 20% favouring speed cameras, and 21% supporting the combination of road humps and cameras. Respondents also felt that enforcing a 20mph limit in zones should only be classed as medium priority compared to the duties that the police needed to do on the roads.

The head of road safety for IAM, Kevin Delaney has said that IAM will continue to support the selective use of 20mph speed limits in areas where there is evidence that by reducing the speed limit, the risk of casualties will also be reduced. He added that a blanket 20mph speed limit, or other limits in inappropriate areas will provide more risks as they will be disregarded by drivers as they won’t know why they are necessary in that area.