Police often ignore speeding motorists


The speed limit on motorways is 70mph but this is a limit that the police rarely enforced as long as people are not going way too far over it. Police have been known to ignore most people who are driving up to ten miles an hour over the limit. Experts have said that this is a problem as it encourages people to have a lack of respect for speed limits. They have suggested that raising the speed limit is the best option as long the new speed is better policed.

Many are saying that it is inevitable that the speeds on the UK’s motorways will be raised. The Department of Transport however has said that the report saying the speed will be upped is, “mere speculation.”

A spokesman from the department has said, “Any change that we make to the speed limits will only be done after we consult the public and there are many things that need to be taken into consideration. Essentially we will need to balance the benefits of shortened journey times with the cost of increased pollution and the risks to those on the road.”

Edmund King is the president of the AA and he has said, “Yes, I am in favour of raising the speed limits on the motorways. Having a limit set at 80mph makes sense for today’s vehicles. Modern cars can travel safely at these speeds. Some people have argued that 80 is the speed that people really travel at on motorways and while this maybe the case, this means people do not respect speed limits. If we want people to respect the 30 zones we need faster motorways.”