Petrol price cutting off country folk


As fuel prices hit record highs, those living in rural areas are becoming marooned in the countryside and drivers are eating less warns the Automobile Association, Britain’s largest motoring group, say it was a shame to a developed country, the rocketing increase of prices of petrol that were far-reaching.

The UK average petrol price, compiled Monday fro their monthly report, reached a new high of 132.88p and diesel at 139.98 was another high and with increases since February of 4p and 5p respectively.
Prices in Scotland were lower by 2p for petrol and .5p for diesel with petrol prices rising below average by only 3.8p but with diesel above average increased by 5p. Prices in Scotland are wide ranging with petrol in Edinburgh as low as 127p and as high as 158p in Orkney.

Chancellor George Osborne was urged by the AA to not go ahead with the fuel duty hike as planned in next week’s budget. The financial insecurity of the poorer drivers is already affected with the impact at the pumps with the volatile crisis and turmoil going on in the Middle East therefore the government should provide some help to the drivers by cancelling the April 1 planned fuel duty increase.