Northern Ireland car insurance feels strain of compensation culture


The motor claims culture in Northern Ireland, already quite notorious, is being pushed to even more extremes from claims management companies and the personal injury lawyers it has been discovered. Because of this motorists are getting hit with the UK’s highest premiums and soon they will increase even more.

Statistics show the claims for compensation made for serious neck or injuries like whiplash in Northern Ireland can get the claimant up to £250,000 compared to the rest of the UK where the ceiling is £86,000. Also, 12 times more motorists’ claims end in courts in Northern Ireland as in the rest of Britain.

Even though the province accounts for only 2.5% of all the cars registered in the UK, motorist in Northern Ireland claim over 5.4% of the total amount paid out in insurance claims for a total of £447m.

The shocking and disproportionate figures are increasing because of claims management companies who are out seeking out victims of accidents and encouraging them to make a claim. It is not hard to find them since there are insurance companies that sell information about the customers to these same claims management services.

There are also claims that in a number of cases passengers or motorists that reported they were not injured at all, were encouraged to file a claim for compensation. A ban has been called for from a high ranking member of the Northern Ireland Justice Committee to ban insurance companies from selling their clients personal details to third parties.

Paul Givan said there was great concern about the high amount of spurious claims many of which are caused by others encouraging those involved in the accident to file a claim, causing premiums for insurance to skyrocket to never before seen amounts. The sooner this practice can be eliminated the better it will be for those that are law-abiding drivers.