Avoiding insurance claims – Car security basics


It is a shocking fact that over a quarter of all recorded crimes in the UK are car related.  Car thefts and thefts of property from cars cost a fortune in insurance payouts and police time, not to mention the hassle and distress suffered by owners.  When it comes to car security, the purchase of adequate insurance from a reputable provider like Santander is of course a necessary precaution.  However, this really is the final resort, a safety net that is often deployed after the failure in basic security precautions that allowed the theft to occur in the first place.  Insurance claims can get complicated and take time to process, so obviously the most desirable scenario involves avoiding being a victim of crime in the first place.

As with pretty much all theft, it is near on impossible to deter the most ardent thief.  This belies the fact many thefts are opportunistic.  There are several simple precautions that are quick and easy to take that can substantially limit the scope of opportunity for thieves.  Additionally, for more basic vehicles the addition of some important security devices also has tangible benefits.

Car alarms and engine immobilisers are a good deterrent to many would be thieves, and so an investment in these devices where necessary will not only make your car more secure, but also bring the additional benefit of lowering car insurance premiums.

More simply, where you park your car has a massive impact on the risk posed to the vehicle by thieves and vandals.  If you park on a driveway instead of on the road the risk of malicious damage or theft is significantly lowered, a fact that is again recognised by insurance companies.  Better still, if you have a garage stuffed with kipple, it can be well worth clearing this out to make space for your car.  The obvious boost to security a locked garage brings also, you guessed it, brings a reduction in insurance premiums.

When away from home, try and park in well-lit, public places where the car will be visible to as many people as possible.  It is crucial to remove all personal items of value from the car, including not just laptops and mobile phones but also things like jackets and even shopping as well.  The aim is to remove any temptation to break in for the casual thief.  Try to opt for a detachable stereo, and most importantly, don’t leave any cheque books or credit cards in the glove box.  A whopping one in five cheque books and credit cards are stolen from cars, and this is the reason that coats and jackets should not be left behind, as they may potentially contain wallets and other valuables in the eyes of a passing would-be thief.  Remember, not every thief is a master criminal, and so similarly, remove shopping or put it in the boot, as even a small amount of alcohol can be enough temptation to trigger a break-in.

Take a look at various insurance providers before you commit to an insurance policy.