New processes for vehicle registration and licensing


Last week, just ahead of the closure of 39 regional DVLA offices, a new process for registration and licensing of fleet vehicles came into force. The director of ACFO, John Pryor, has highlighted two potential, issues, even if the BVRLA and AFCO are not expecting any problems.

The issues raised are those of getting a vehicle for instant delivery from a dealer, or the cancellation of a vehicle order after registration and taxation. All vehicles registered through the AFRL system (Automated First Registration and Licensing) will have tax discs printed and posted from Swansea.

When registering a new vehicle, AFRA users will have the tax disc sent to three addresses; those of the fleet operator, the registered dealer and the registered keeper. The DVLA will provide a free duplicate if a disc is not received in eight days. A free duplicate can also be received by registered keepers, from 400 post offices countrywide, who will have received the V5C, a vehicle registration document.

This also means that vehicle registration applications on paper shall be processed at the DVLA. All paperwork can be returned to the fleet operator, the registered keeper or the registered dealer according to the applicants’ choice. All associated documents and the tax disc will be processed within a fortnight and the V5C can be accessed before the tax disc.

A free duplicate can be received from the post office if the tax disc has not been received and the V5C has been received within 10 working days. One can drive a new vehicle for 14 days from the date of first registration, without displaying the tax disc as long as the vehicle has been licensed and registered.

One can get advance registration services at any time of the year, and an extension of 4 to 14 days in advance of the registration date. All applications to de-register a vehicle will be handled at the DVLA, and tax discs returned by second-class post in 5 working days.

The applications to de-register a vehicle must be handed in within 7 working days from the date of registration. Tax disc renewal will be done at a Post Office without the V5C or V5C/2 vehicle reminders.