New Audio Book ‘The Highway Code’ Helping Young Drivers


Highway CodeConsisting of 19 enlightening chapters, the new audio book The Highway Code audiobook is essential listening material for all road users, whether travelling by car, foot, bicycle, motorcycle or horse. The Highway Code audiobook is advocating for novice driver safety with the release of a new recording covering road rules across England, Scotland and Wales.

Road safety is a serious issue in the UK with the national road network in excess of 245,000 miles. Recent government statistics revealed that 2013 saw 1730 road deaths while over 21,000 were left seriously injured.

Furthermore, while young drivers aged between 17-25 only account for around 10% of license holders, the small demographic is behind over 20% of road accidents. While these numbers have dropped slightly from previous years, they are still huge figures that can be drastically improved with the right approach.

The Highway Code is dedicated to combating these statistics and helping young drivers educate themselves on road rules that will help ensure the safety of all British citizens. Key points covered include traffic regulations, laws, penalties and offences. With a total play time of just over 3 hours, the audiobook is a fast, easy and comprehensive way of for young people to educate themselves on all aspects of road safety.

As well as ensuring personal and public wellbeing, The Highway Code keeps listeners up to date with the latest legal requirements and legislations. This is hugely important as non-compliance can result in fines, deductions from driver’s license points, disqualification and even imprisonment.

The content has been sourced from the latest edition of The Official Highway Code and reproduced in audiobook form under the terms of the Open Government Licence. This ensures listeners receive 100% accurate, official and up to date information.

Safety conscious drivers can purchase The Highway Code audiobook from iTunes, Audible (Amazon), GooglePlay or as an MP3 directly from the website. Website visitors are also offered a free introduction download that gives a taster of the wealth of information that is on offer from the new publication.

At just £2.99 in MP3 format, £4 on Audible and £7.99 on GooglePlay, The Highway Code audiobook offers competence, confidence and peace of mind at an incredibly affordable price.

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