MOT’s may be put back for 12 months


There is a great deal of talk about changing the requirement of a car’s first MOT test from the third birthday to its fourth, plus changing it from an annual test to bi-annual. The changes are being thought of in order to try and help consumer expenses. Some feel that it could be potentially making it more expensive in the long run.

If there is a problem that goes undetected because of a lack of an inspection for a longer period it could not only create an unsafe situation it could also create a more expensive repair. Many new car manufacturers have extended servicing time frames in place so that the MOT may just be the only test or inspection the car will get from a garage each year.

This leads the responsibility back to the vehicles owner who will have to have some sort of knowledge about the infrastructure of his or her car and be able to recognize a problem if one occurs. But how often does the average motorist think about inspecting the tyre tread, wipers, brakes or even the exhaust for noise much less for damage to the environment. How often does the normal driver check the water, tyre or oil pressure.

While some do not have a problem dirtying their hands others do. But more important than just that, most people do not have the capability of detecting when there is a real problem in the car. The possible changes are to be lobbied by some 20,000 garages that are authorized to give the MOT and without a convincing argument the Transport Secretary may just implement the proposal.