Motorist fined for driving in a city she has never visited


A motorist from Wales is preparing for her day in court with the Glasgow City Council after she received a £60 fine for driving a vehicle in the bus lane. The only hitch is that Caroline Quick has never actually been to Glasgow.

In fact, the 64 year old lady lives in Swansea about 430 miles away. She received the penalty notice from the council that accused her of driving a light colored car in the Cathedral Street bus lane in Glasgow, but she has never been to the city and actually drives a dark car.

Quick had to write a letter to the council with proof that it was not her, but she said the proof was easy since the car color is not right. She actually drives a black Mondeo. The city council in Glasgow is cutting down on motorists driving in the bus lane because it disrupts the flow of public transport. Those that are caught in the bus lanes face fines and three points placed on their driving licence.

The City Council apologized for the fine and stated that they will apologize to Mrs. Quick. They also stated that they will fix the fines and there will be on issue for Mrs. Quick in the future. A spokesperson for the Glasgow City Council stated that the penalty charge was somehow incorrectly issued to Mrs. Quick and was not processed correctly.

Therefore, they will quickly erase the penalty charge and offer her a formal apology. The City Council did not explain how such a mistake could have been made or how another vehicle could have been processed under Quick’s name.