Morgan goes back to the three wheeler


Morgan will be returning to the cars that made its name.  The West Midlands carmaker announced that as part of a centenary celebration, it would produce its first three-wheeled car in some sixty years.

Morgan, which has been owned by one family since it began in 1909, is returning to the type of car making that originated it in the first place.

Morgan began its life as a three-wheeled car manufacturer.  This was the very first type of car legally driven by Sir Sterling Moss and it has had an enthusiastic fan base ever since.  Three-wheeled cars were once lower to tax than their four-wheeled counterparts.

Morgan cut production of three-wheeled vehicles in 1952 to concentrate on its line of roadsters.  Demand for the specialized vehicles had dropped off over the decades, as drivers demanded more luxurious appointments and the steadiness added by a fourth wheel.

Morgan since has stood for the soul of British cool and various celebrity owners like Peter Sellers, Bridgitte Bardot, and Mick Jagger have given their endorsements.

The new Morgan three-wheeler has been the topic of conjecture for some time, with the company just now confirming the car’s production.