More councils vote to increase the number of yellow lines and traffic wardens


Motorists will have an even harder time finding a parking spot for their cars in the future as more councils are voting to place yellow lines and increase the amount of traffic wardens that they employ over the coming months.

Over a fifth of councils have already reduced the amount of free street parking spots over the past year according to new research that was performed by LV. At the same time, the amount of parking attendants has increased by about 6% in the last four years with more than 3,800 traffic wardens employed by councils throughout the UK.

The results have been noticeable at the town halls which have seen their revenues increase taking in about £340m alone in parking fines over the past year with almost 10m more fixed penalty notices mailed every year.

Earlier in the week the Daily Telegraph also published a study that warned drivers to brace themselves for even more fines as councils outside of London are now going allow their traffic wardens to ticket for some traffic offences such as driving in cycle lanes and making illegal turns. In other words, they will be able to get drivers on even more charges and have the time to do so.

One of the reasons that finding a parking spot is so rough is due to the fact that the decline in parking spaces is coming at the exact same time that car ownership is soaring with almost 15% more vehicles on the road than there ten years ago.

In a survey conducted by LV, 18% of motorists admitted that they knowingly parked illegally because they did not see any other choice. Most councils have 16 civil enforcement officers but some local authorities have more depending on their size.