London parking fee increase


The Freight Transport Association (FTA) criticizes proposed augmentations to parking fees in the London metropolitan area. Beginning on the unfortunately unserious day of the 1st of April next year, the increases for higher rates would land at £130, up £10 from current rates. The existing system for parking charges divides offences into two levels. For general parking offences the fee is £80, but for grave infractions the charge is £120.

“The members of our organization incur parking charges when loading or unloading. This means they are slapped with £120 fees each time. The increase will place an even larger burden on our members while they are trying to do their job,” Natalie Chapman jabbed back as the head of policy at the FTA in London.

The Brewery Logistics Group (BLG) and the FTA cooperatively recommended a third level for fees on commercial vehicles. They suggested that the charge be midway between the other two. They both claim to have been ignored at the consultation held by London Council from the beginning of July up until the end of September.

As chair of BLG, Mike Bracey reported, “London Council has basically ignored the moving industry’s voice. We believe they have ostracized us and sought to punish us with an additional £10 increase to the tier that we fall into. It amounts to more than an 8% jump in commercial operators’ taxes.

“Consider the fact that we have had to bear the burden of many rises in charges over the years and you’ll understand our anger. We are supposed to pay higher and higher rates for a function that is part of the nature of our work.”