Local councils to start issuing all kinds of motoring fines


The power of issuing tickets to motorists is going to be somewhat devolved to local authorities, which is going to mean that a wide number of traffic offences are going to be enforced more strictly, and it is expected that motorists are going to face an enormous wave of increased fines.

This is something the local authorities have been lobbying for, for a long time, and they have been asking for the government to give councils the opportunity to fine drivers who make illegal turns, drive in the bus lane, or encroach on the yellow boxes.

Ministers have stated that they are sympathetic to the problems that councils are facing, and have highlighted that although this power is going to be given to them, they should not use it as a way to raise money.

The government has promised to end the war that is occurring on motorists, and it seems as if this is not in line with their vision, however it does seem as if they are going to be taking action to make sure that the powers are not abused.

It has recently been revealed that the Department for Transport has been in communication with 20 different councils about awarding them the power. London local authorities have already used these powers to fine an additional 800,000 motorists in 2011, which has raised an additional £50 million.

It is believed that this is on top of the £250 million that was already raised from parking fines by the local authority. The AA have recently stated, “We think that this is going to alienate drivers who are making simple mistakes on the road, rather than serious driving errors.”