KIA six speed auto transmission


The distinctive range of KIAs cube mobiles now has a bit more of a kick due to the new inclusion of a model that features a six speed auto transmission and a 2.0 litre petrol engine.  Now other models included in the range also have the option to be upgraded to a six speed in both manual and automatic transmission which is as treat for owners as well.

The Kia Soul has already been a huge hit in most of the country’s that it has debuted in with a particularly strong fan base in the US due in part to the fact that it attracts elderly drivers with its easy doorways and youngsters with its chunky looks, and partially due to the fact that the hamster commercials are impossible to get out of anyone’s minds.

Now just in time for 2012 there is a new model that features a 122KW/260Nm 2.0 litre engine with some new styling that makes the vehicle a bit more subtle to help it handle its mid-life time span just a bit better.  The range will still offer the 1.6 petrol Gamma engine even though it has been tweaked a bit to handle its new turbo diesel engine and altogether there are three different models to choose from with two different levels of equipment available.

On the outside the design has been reworked a bit with new side mirrors, taillights, headlights, new chrome flashy wheels, and a new grille that help the Soul look just a bit wider and a bit more modern and trendy.  The inside has also been improved with the addition of some noise reduction materials along with tilting steering so that you get to drive your new vehicle the way that you want.  Also built into it are new bling fans which are kind of odd looking, but no more so than the lighted door speakers that have since then been taken out of the cars design.

In terms of technology the new Soul+ will feature hill-start control to make the ride a bit smoother a lot with new VSM vehicle stability management to help make sure that you enjoy every moment inside of the Soul regardless of what type of terrain you are driving over.  Other safety gear that has been tossed into the package to make the upgrade to the new model worth it includes traction control, ABS, ESP, BA, ESP, and airbags in the front along the dash, along the side of both the front and back doors, and curtain airbags.