Is Britain a nation of motor insurance crooks?


DirectAccording to Direct Line research, drivers across Britain are a ‘nation of driving crooks’ who are happy to stage an accident so that they can make money off of an insurance claim.

Additionally, the research project found that divers frequently claim a different primary driver, in order to reduce the cost of their insurance policy.

The process of misidentifying the primary driver is called fronting in the insurance industry, and according to the results of the study by Direct Line, one out of every 12 drivers takes part in the act, which totals up to over 2.5m of the driving population in Britain.

Fronting can take several different forms from a parent claiming themselves as a ‘named driver’ in the place of their child to avoid high premiums, to a spouse naming themselves if their spouse has multiple driving convictions.

If caught by the insurance company however, this can have an adverse effect, as the insurance company will deny claims if an accident occurs.

At the same time, according to, the recession also has led over a million motorists to think about falsifying a motor accident, simply to receive a claim from the insurance company.

The Association of British Insurers stated that fraudulent insurance claims can increase the cost of premiums by £40 on average, due to the fact the industry loses about £4m every day from the practice.