Gay number plates removed from DVLA auction


dvlaFor the first time a at a DVLA auction, personalized number plates had to be taken off of sale, after they drew complaints from those in attendance.

The two license plates that were taken off of the auction were D1 KES and F4 GOT due to the fact they are similar in appearance to several obscene terms.

Each of the plates were set at reserve prices of £900 and were part of a large group of items set to be auctioned off ,which was held this Wednesday at a hotel located in Broadway, Worcestershire.

Stonewall, a gay rights charity, saw the items in a catalogue and objected to their sale since the plates were possibly insulting to members of the audience, although the lots are still in the catalogue they will not be offered at the auction.

Representative of Stonewall James Lawrence, stated that it was unfortunate that even though the licenses are obviously offensive it was regrettable that the DVLA was still willing to sell them. According to Lawrence any public body should have recognized the threat due to their clearly offensive nature.

There is a list of the DVLA number plates that are considered offensive by the organization which include combinations that are not allowed due to resemblances to Bin Laden’s name such as HE28OLA (HEZBOLLAH), MA56ACA (MASSACRE), and BU58OMB (BUSBOMB).
Also on the list are license plate titles that use common combinations such as 666 which is a symbol of Satanism.