Ignoring repairs will cost drivers dearly this winter


poA new report from the Post Office states that car owners who have avoided making minor repairs this year will have to spend their savings on higher car insurance premiums if they have an accident.

The study conducted by the Post Office discovered that almost half of all car owners have tightened their budget when it came to their car choosing to ignore cosmetic repairs, and even 13% admitting to letting their tyres get past acceptable wear.

Another 7% admitted they ignore the warning lights on their dashboard, 12% ignore any rattling or squeaking noises, and 8% are using poor windshield wipers instead of replacing them.

Head of car insurance at the Post Office, Richard Pennant-Jones, warned that ignoring these warning signs of problems may create awkward driving in the winter season, and may create more costly problems.

Pennant-Jones went on to say that with the UK predicted to experience heavy snow fall and many car owners that have ignored small service tasks will be placing themselves and others at risk.

He advised car owners that they should add on breakdown coverage this winter due to the high potential for problems during the coming season.