Honda your way along the streets!


Honda just may have produced something of a masterpiece with their Honda Civic Type R Mugen , even the name sounds impressive!  Maybe it’s about time you traded in your Panda for one of these mean, lean sports machines.  If it’s something more of a saloon you are after read on for the guide to Honda’s best.

The Honda stable of sports models makes a powerful statement. The sculptured lines of the emotion-packed, high-performance sports cars are a fascinating and unique interpretation of power, dynamism, intelligence and style.  As a family/ Sports saloon, the favourite has to be the Honda Accord Type S. Equipped with Hondas most powerful diesel engine ever (2.2 i-DTEC), the Honda Accord saloon Type S delivers 180PS for a truly exhilarating drive. The all-aluminium lightweight engine also offers impressive fuel consumption and CO2 emission figures.

Bold 18″ alloy wheels and GT aero kit add to the Honda Accord Type S’s muscular styling to give a real road presence and sporty look. And among the choice of colours are two exclusive new ones: Premium White Pearl or Basque Red Pearl which make the Honda accord Type S a real stunner in both style as well as the incredible performance from the Dtec engine.

For a driver wanting a saloon without the sporty show then the Honda Accord Saloon  is such a good drive with safety features second to none, that  there is nothing that today’s manic traffic can throw at the Honda Accord saloon that the car couldn’t handle. Drivers will love the touch screen facilities the hands free options and voice control, things you would only see in far more expensive so called executive cars. Extremely good value for money for a very high specification car – that the Honda Accord Saloon

If you are a lover of estates or tourers then you really should experience the new Accord Tourer/estate. You will definitely be impressed. The car’s, ‘sharp look, with a lower and wider stance than the previous car’, the ‘impressive legroom’ and new springs and dampers,  mean that, the Accord Tourer is the best yet in terms of driving enjoyment and the really good news? Despite all the improvements and extra features, prices are incredibly competitive for the Honda Tourer. As the new Accord joins the premium sector, perhaps BMW and Mercedes will finally sit up and take note!

The civic Type R is amazing and inside it is gorgeous; just sink into its seats. It could even be said that the Civic Type R is better than the golf GT or GTI. It is a tough one but maybe the Honda Type R has beat it. It feels good, it’s sporty and smooth, its techno, its interior is great, the looks are ok, yet much nicer on the Civic Type R with the grill and the little bits.  The reliability is fantastic too! Your only problem with the Civic Type R is just deciding which of the cool accessories to get!!

1.And then there is even more!! MUGEN is bringing its unlimited engineering expertise to the Civic Type R with just 20 exclusive, Championship White cars being hand built to exact customer specifications in the UK.

2.The Civic Type R MUGEN features the first MUGEN-tuned engine ever available on UK roads. And this exclusive, pure bred performance car can be yours for £38,599.

3.The Civic Type R MUGEN turned heads at the concept stage. And now MUGEN can offer up to 20 production versions of these exclusive cars. Each one will be precision engineered in the UK by MUGEN and built by hand to exact customer specifications.

4.Few people have ever had the chance to sit behind the wheel of such a pure-bred performance car. And fewer still have had the chance to own one. Now that chance can be yours, for £38,599 on the road.


At last, the Honda range of cars from the Civic and the Civic Type R to the Mugen and the Honda Accord to the Honda Accord Type S  can stand a lot more proudly alongside its European competitors….watch out Audi and BMW!