AA see huge rise in car insurance weather claims


AAThe AA found that the snow and ice storms that brushed across Britain last week also brought with it an additional rise in car insurance claims.

On Friday AA car insurance had about 100 claims for accidents by lunch time due to the icy and snowy conditions.

The most common claim for the day was a rear end accident, in which one car ran into the other due to ice on the roads.  Second most common for the day was sliding into moving vehicles at junctions, roundabouts, and bends.

However, even staying off the roads did not assure that Brits made it through the day undamaged as some claims were caused by drivers losing control and hitting stationary parked cars on the side of the road.

In fact, one AA customer filed a claim for an accident that occurred in his driveway when his vehicle was struck and pushed through the garage door.

The AA warned also that failing to clean off the snow and ice from a car before taking off also places others at risk due to the fact that it can fall off while the car is moving hitting others on the road and pedestrians.

In one accident snow and ice flew off of a lorry causing a seven car pileup.

Other roadside items such as bollards, phone boxes, and lamp posts can also become obstacles since drivers can lose control on icy roads and slide into them resulting in damage to their vehicles.

Additionally, AA often sees claims from drivers that have slide into skips, ridden up on a kerb, or fell into a ditch.