Honda hybrid car range offers energy efficiency


Are you aware of the amount of toxic fuel emissions your standard car emits? This is something most people accept due to the fact that everyone needs a means of transport. However, there are new hybrid options popping up in the car market to help you reduce your carbon foot print. Japanese car manufacturers have recently released a hybrid car range that boasts energy efficiency as well as advanced performance over traditional vehicles.

What exactly does it mean to be energy efficient? Energy efficiency is using less energy to provide the same level of energy service. Consider a fluorescent light or skylight instead of an incandescent light source. Now, it’s just a case of applying this to vehicles.

Honda’s range of vehicles uses less fuel and reclaims energy that would be lost in braking action. This not only provides the same level of energy, but Honda is claiming to offer an enhanced level of energy to traditional vehicles.

The Honda hybrid car range introduces the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell-powered car, allowing motorists the option of driving a vehicle like this for the very first time. Now, eco-friendly consumers aren’t forced to ride their bike everywhere. Instead, they can make a conscientious decision to drive vehicles with less fuel emissions.

The Honda range is appealing to different audiences by offering three unique vehicles; the CR-Z Hybrid, Insight Hybrid and Civic Hybrid.

The first is the Honda Insight Hybrid, which is regarded as the most family-friendly vehicle. This is because the Insight focuses on both energy efficiency and safety. Both of these features cater to cautious drivers with concerns for their children and their effect on the environment.

Drivers are made aware of everything the Honda Insight Hybrid is doing through advanced display features. These displays show exterior temperature, average fuel consumption and current MPG, while the multi-information display provides feedback on braking and acceleration.

With a family and small children in the car, parents are put at ease with the safety features of the Insight. This includes airbags throughout the entire vehicle, anti-lock brakes with electronic brake distribution, active head restraints and a front body designed to lessen pedestrian injuries in the unlikely event that this may occur.

The second vehicle of the range is the Honda CR-Z Hybrid, which has more of a sports car-type appeal. However, this car is made for the sporty eco-activist! The car can be termed a guilt-free pleasure or even a responsible indulgence. Most sports cars emit comparatively large amounts of toxic emissions, whereas the Honda CR-Z Hybrid proves to be eco-friendly.

The most interesting part of the Honda CR-Z Hybrid is that it gives the driver multiple options. There is a three-mode drive system that allows drivers to switch the balance of performance and fuel economy. They can choose between econ, normal and sport functions.

Every option is constantly reminding drivers of the car’s environmental duty by having the tachometer give each mode a different colour: green for economy, blue for normal and red for sport. There is also an Eco Assist feature that helps achieve the best fuel economy and gives drivers an eco score.

The last of the range is the Honda Civic Hybrid, the hybrid version of the popular Honda Civic. This vehicle has a highly sophisticated appeal with its smooth running engine and handling. The Civic Hybrid is known for its green Integrated Motor Assist as it runs on both a conventional petrol engine and electric motor.

Compared to the original Honda Civic, the hybrid has been designed to provide passengers and drivers with more legroom throughout the interior of the vehicle. Also, Honda has lengthened the wheelbase and re-engineered the suspension to improve the general ride and handling.

The Civic Hybrid is known for its Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). The CVT is basically an advanced transmission system that offers drivers multiple gear settings that they wouldn’t get with a traditional vehicle.

Earning a four star rating following EuroNCAP crash tests, the Honda Civic Hybrid has plenty of safety features. These include anti-lock brakes, electronic brake force distribution, vehicle stability assist for sharp turns and active front headrests.

The mix of technological innovation and design that Honda has brought to the table should impress consumers. Just because these vehicles are energy efficient doesn’t mean they have to lack style and sophistication. Drivers can now feel confident that they are saving money and the environment by considering one of the Honda hybrids for their next purchase.