Honda Civic 2012: what are the benefits?


With a number of new cars available on the market, the new Honda Civic 2012 is just one of a number of new vehicles. So what are the benefits of this particular car and why is it a worthwhile investment?

Perhaps the main benefit of the new Civic is that it offers drivers a number of environmental benefits whilst still having high levels of performance and power. This is designed to ensure that motorists can use their vehicles to the best of their ability, making the car an asset to any individual.

2012 Honda CivicWith any new car, there will be a number of new features and altered technologies designed to enhance the performance and functions which are offered. The new Honda Civic 2012 is no exception to this and there are a number of innovative features which are included in the improved design.

‘Idle Stop’

Perhaps one of the best features of the Civic 2012 is the ‘Idle Stop’ functionality. This is an automatic system which is designed to improve fuel efficiency and lower fuel consumption levels. The benefit of the system is that, as it is automatic, driver input is not required and therefore it does not disrupt the usual driving pattern.

The system works by monitoring the cars motion and automatically disconnecting the engine when the car is not moving for a long period of time. This means that if a driver is stuck in congested traffic then the car will automatically turn itself off. To re-engage the engine and restart the car all the driver needs to do is touch the acceleration pedal – just as they would do if they were pulling away with the engine running. This means less fuel is consumed but the driver doesn’t have to alter their driving style in any way.

ECO Assist

Another of the main features included in the Honda Civic is that of ECO assist. This is an intuitive system which helps drivers to monitor their habits in order to make them more conscientious and efficient when on the road. This is done through a colour changing speedometer which changes depending on the efficiency of the driving. The system will also advise drivers on the best times to change gear, ensuring that they develop good habits for future driving.


Conscientious lighting is also included in the new Civic 2012, with the headlights becoming illuminated when the car is unlocked. This allows drivers to locate their car with ease and is a great feature for the vehicle. The system also works when the car is locked, with the headlights becoming illuminated for 15 seconds afterwards.


The cabin of the new Honda Civic 2012 features their innovative ‘Magic Seats’ which help to create more space within the actual car. Because of the use of this, Honda was required to change the suspension used on the Civic in order to accommodate this feature. This led them to use a suspension system which utilises ‘fluid-filled bushes’ instead of a traditional one, providing great handling and performance whilst ensuring interior comfort is kept at a high standard.