Aston Martin Mr Bond and beyond

Aston Martin Mr Bond and beyond
Aston Martin Mr Bond and beyond

Since its first manufacturing plant opened in 1912, Aston Martin has been the name that everyone thinks of when it comes to stylish, luxurious sports cars that are as great under the bonnet as they are aesthetically. The classic Aston Martin models have graced the roads of Europe ever since, and from the moment a DB5 came into the possession of a certain Mr Bond, their popularity went stratospheric.

The company has had its up and downs but class always shines through, and throughout the time when it was owned by the Ford Motor company from 1994-2007 until the present day, cars have continued to roll of the production lines to have praise and awards heaped upon them, and are still the ultimate status symbol with waiting lists longer than any other.

The Aston Martins that are produced today are stylish, elegant, and much more in keeping with our modern world. A quick search online will find you the nearest Aston Martin dealer to your home town. The expert employees at these dealerships know everything there is to know about Aston Martins, and will help you choose the right model for you.

There are some great new models out now that epitomise the luxury of the brand, yet slot perfectly into today’s busy lifestyles. The Geneva Motor Show was buzzing earlier this year by the return on the 2011 Virage, the new version of an old Aston Martin favourite. Tactile, sleek and curvaceous, this model is a living, breathing example of everything that Aston Martin stands for, and is now the must have car throughout Europe.

The latest V8 Vantage S Coupe is a serious car with serious power for a serious driver, and has the type of exquisite bodywork that makes it a thoroughbred in the luxury car stable. Thanks to the body, soul and power that the V8 Vantage Coupe possesses, you have to drive this car to appreciate the kind of driving experience that only a car with this much character can deliver.

Owning an Aston Martin is like owning a piece of motoring history, you know that you have years of skill and expertise at your fingertips, and the finishing touches are exemplary. If you earn to own one of these cars, but don’t want a new one, check out the small ads for one that is past its best and get the ultimate self satisfaction by taking on a classic car restoration project.

It is a travesty that so many Aston Martins are neglected and unloved, but by picking up one of these old wrecks, and loving restoring it back to its best, you can be the proud owner of one the proudest vehicles ever produced.