Ford Galaxy: The Family Car


Many people aspire to having a brood of children to fill their home with laughter and fun and begin on their merry way to achieve this. There’s no doubt that children bring untold joy to their parents’ lives but with the responsibility of having a child (or five) comes the added stress of worrying about their welfare and safety.

As the UK roads increase in traffic on a seemingly daily basis and cars go faster with more aggression having a car that is safe and reliable provides great peace of mind for many young families. Like any young family will know, the ability to just jump in the car and drive off quickly disappears with the arrival of your first child and the amount of luggage that is needed only increases with the number of children you have.

As a result a new type of vehicle was designed and manufactured and one of the leading MPV (Multi purpose vehicle) is the Ford Galaxy Taunton. Now available in three different generations depending on what age of car you go for, it is one of the most successful MPV’s on the market.

Safe, reliable and spacious, the Ford Galaxy offers today’s family a flexible solution to en mass travelling. Able to seat seven people it provides 32 different seating variations with five seats being able to fold flat. There is lots of stowage space in the doors, under the seats and even overhead so it always maintains an airiness that is much needed for a family.