FairFuelUK want fuel costs controlled


FairFuelUK is campaigning desperately to convince George Osborne and the House of Commons that the soaring cost of petrol in the U.K. is seriously endangering the welfare of hauliers and all the rest of the country’s motorists.  Backed by the Road Haulage Association, the Freight Transport Association, the RAC and the Fuel Card Company as well as businesses and individuals, the campaigners are hoping their voice is loud enough to be heard and heeded.

Founded by Peter Carroll, a Larkfield haulier and Shepway councillor, FairFuelUK is protesting the planned rate hike in April, which would add to the already onerous burden on motorists at the gas pumps.  Mr. Carroll told BBC Radio Live that the proposed rise in duty could add 20p per gallon to the price of fuel, and that is just not acceptable.  He also noted that hauliers in particular are going to suffer, as they already typically spend up to £900 per week on diesel fuel.  At the moment, fuel duty on a litre of petrol is 58.95p.

Geoff Dunning of the Road Haulage Association is urging everyone to sign up on the FairFuel site and join in the efforts to get fuel prices stabilized.  He said this may be a “window of opportunity” to pressure the government into a workable plan of action and to prevent the increase in April.

The campaigners say that scrapping the proposed hike in duty is only a small first step, but at least it would show the government’s willingness to work on the problem.  That would include promoting the development of alternative energy sources, greener vehicles and better, cheaper public transport.  The fuel crisis is a long-term problem, and any possible solution must provide for a long-term outcome, not just a hold on the price of petrol.