EU to enforce driving laws continent wide


There is a plan under consideration that would impose stringent driving standards on all EU nations and everyone’s vehicle registration would be accessible to any EU nation through an electronic data reserve.

It is expected that the EU transport ministers will support the plan and four of the most notorious driving offences would come under EU penalty.  You could be penalized by an EU authority for drink-driving, failing to wear seatbelts, speeding, and ignoring a red traffic signal.  Use of the emergency lane and talking on a mobile phone while driving are other offences under consideration for EU enforcement.

The reasons for the plan are statistical.  According to reports, foreign drivers amount to a small percentage of those on the road but tally up a very disproportionate amount of driving offences.  According to the numbers, a driver from outside the native country is thrice as likely to commit a driving offence as a resident driver.

It seems that a lot of drivers feel as though they are above the rules when driving abroad.  Indeed, it is also reported that most foreign offenders go unpunished, mostly because there is no way to track them down after they have left the host country.

That is why the EU is calling for this measure and the digital data for tracking purposes.

The penalties applied would only be monetary.  There will be no penalty phase applicable other than a fine.  There will be no harmonizing of traffic laws or rules across the EU.

There will be no harmonizing of penalties, either.  Each member will apply their own appropriate driving rules to visitors; they will merely have the option of using the data base to track offenders.