DVLA stealth tax argument grows


The DVLA is being accused of stealth taxation as £62 million was collected in 2010 for just renewals and replacements of driving licenses newly released figures showed. British motorists must pay £20 every ten years to ensure the photo is updated on the credit card sized license. This netted the DVLA over £42 million just last year via figures received in a Freedom of Information request.

At £56 for stolen or lost licenses, the DVLA made an additional £20 million last year. The Association of British Drivers spokesman, Hugh Bladon said it is type of stealth tax just a way of taking money out of the motorist’s pocket.

Paul Watters of the AA also said you say that the road tax brings in £45 billion each year so how come the cost cannot be taken out of that. A spokesperson for the DVLA insisted that people’s looks change and photos must be taken to update the licenses regularly. The DVLA must recover the costs of their operation via these for the services it provides.