DVLA ban companies from accessing vehicle owner information


Some of the household names to have been suspended on a temporary basis from accessing the DVLA’s vehicle keeper information using Insurance Age include LV, Groupama, and RSA. According to Insurance Age’s ‘Freedom of Information’ request, the bans vary in length and were enforced in the last couple of years with NID Insurance and Markerstudy being among the insurance companies that were barred.

In the last six years, a total of 20 businesses that were deemed by the DVLA to be insurance companies have been banned. In the last six years, 145 organisations and companies have been impacted which means that over 14% of the total number of firms affected were insurance related.

Insurance and intermediaries currently contact the DVLA to represent the latter during claims so as to make sure that the details of the driver are consistent with the information provided at the time of quote.

The DVLA database has important third party information, not to mention the claimant’s license details, date of birth, address, and driving endorsements previously granted. Big Brother Watch, a privacy campaign group, has voiced its concerns on the suspension of a huge number of local firms with Nick Pickles, the Group Director, saying that it was worrying to note the large number of insurance companies that have explicitly broken the rules set by the DVLA.

Pickles added that the situation questioned the banned companies’ ability to comply with rules not to mention the suspicious reason why they needed to gain access to the DVLA database to begin with.