DVLA and Home Move Box team up to help drivers with paperwork


Home Move Box has teamed with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in order to remind motorists that the address on the vehicle registration certificate and the driving license needs to be updated after they move house. A free box of essential products is provided by Home Move Box as a service and also has pertinent information for moving to help to get settled and established in their new house.

The joint venture, per the last meeting between the two, will drop DVLA brochures in each welcome box so when someone moves and uses the box they will be automatically reminded to change their address and how to do it via the Home Move Box service.

The Director of Corporate Affairs for DVLA, David Evans said this is an excellent way to show how DVLA works with their various partners and that the perfect way was chosen to get the message across to the correct people at the correct time. He also said how grateful the DVLA was to Home Move Box to allow them to include their leaflets in the welcome packs.