Are green vehicles sales about to mushroom?


In the UK a record number of motorists are looking for eco-friendly, fuel efficient cars with sales of green vehicles ready to soar in the coming months, a recent report says. says that buyer interest raised 29% from December 2010 to April making the demand for these low emission cars reach its highest all time level.

Hard pressed motorists have had to turn to vehicles promising savings in cash because of the high fuel costs reaching record levels. The Prius, the flagship hybrid for Toyota has increased sales by over 50% in just the first quarter of 2011 and there are already over 550 orders placed for the LEAF, Nissan’s new all-electric car.

Co-founder of, Chris Green said that their research on the increased demand for greener cars backs up the figures from SMMT on 11-plate car registrations that show new car sales are being dominated by the less polluting vehicles thus far in 2011.

As time goes by more and more people are going to opt for the cars that are cheap rather than trying to get models that impress others. Over the next 18 months the demand for greener vehicles will dramatically increase, he says.