Driving tips from UKs most advanced driver


The Institute of Advanced Motorists is a road safety charity that is offering weekly tips from Peter Roger, who is the most advanced driver in the UK. This week the tips are advising people about how to drive best in fog. Mr Roger has commented, “Many people struggle to drive in fog and it is actually one of the most difficult conditions for driving. If it is foggy outside you should allow extra time your journey as you will have to travel slower.”

If you are driving in fog it is important to make sure that your visibility is not affected by anything else. This means that you should clean your windows thoroughly and make sure that your lights are working, especially fog lights if your car has them. Make sure that your rear fog light is working so that people can see you.

You should only be using your fog lights when the visibility is less than 100 metres, using them when conditions are not like this will only serve to dazzle other drivers. It is also important to make sure that you drive slowly and keep enough distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you. Also make sure that you don’t brake suddenly as fog will mean people’s reaction times are generally slowed. When you approach a junction listen very carefully for traffic.