Driving outside of the UK


Even with the economic recession big in most people’s lives, many Brits are still heading off on a holiday.  With this in mind, there are a few regulations and rules that are commonly in place outside of the UK that drivers will want to be reminded of in order to stay safe and aligned with the law.  Most of these laws still apply regardless of which side of the road a driver is on.

First of all, in the last several years over a thousand hidden speed cameras have been put into place across the roadways and police are more frequently performing random breath tests.  The legal alcohol limit in most countries is 50mg for every 100ml of blood, which is almost two times lower than the UK limit.

Second, speed limits change throughout different countries as the speed limit may drop harshly from speeds of 90kmh to 50kmh simply by entering a village and the only marker is the fact that you are now driving within new village limits.  To avoid high fines it is important to be conscious of this fact.

Before leaving it is also important to inform your insurance provider that you will be outside of the company because some insurance companies will not receive any assistance while abroad which it is important to recognize.  Depending on the law of the country, you may have to purchase additional international driver coverage before leaving the UK in order to be in accordance with the law.