Dealers warned over mileage on MoT certificates


Dealers are being warned by the Vehicle and Operator Services (VOSA) agency that they may have some problems now that they are required to place mileage on all MoT test certificates. This is due to the fact that many vehicles are incorrectly identified.

According to a March update on the VOSA website, there are many cases where vehicles are not accurately identified and this result in a false record being created for the vehicle. It also means that the vehicle’s previous history cannot be properly linked and a false test might be added onto the history of the vehicle. In turn, a dealer may end up with a car that did not actually pass its extended test.

In order to avoid problems with vehicles the VOSA has published a series of guidelines to help them determine if a MoT test record is accurate or not. It warns dealers not to use a database to assist in getting the VIN of a vehicle because one wrong error when placing the VRM into the system will result in the wrong VIN creating an inaccurate system of checks within the system. Instead, the VIN and VRM should both be obtained directly from the vehicle.

They have also asked dealers not to re-register a vehicle once they realise that a mistake has been made. Instead, the VOSA asks dealers to contact their local office and offer the details of how the error was made and they will handle correcting the test details and issuing a correct duplicate. This is to ensure that duplicate histories for the same vehicle do not become made. Finally, they ask all VIN characters to be checked twice because it is possible that the system will match it with a close number, but a close match is not the same as the real match.